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Let's start the year creative, shall we? How about lettering as a hobby for the hole family? I developed the Lettering for Kids program together with my daughters and their friends. To guarantee it's accessible and tailor-made for younger audiences.

The LETTERING FOR KIDS Program includes:

– the Lettering for Kids workbook – a brief introduction to lettering

– goodie bag with a starter kit for lettering

– access to the exhibition on instagram – exclusive access to future content

– discount on follow up workshops

– worksheets for practicing at home

We want to see results, right kids!? So at the end of the workshop you will have created your own lettering masterpiece. We will have an online exhibition showing all your letterings.

You can come together or just drop your kids of and have some quality time with your spouse!

Usually the fee is at 100 Euros for each person, but I am giving you a time-limited family offer! You can come with up to three family members for the same price! Spots are limited. First come first serve.

12. Januar 2022, 16:00 CET, Veteranenstraße 21, 10119 Berlin

With friendly support by Lettrétage

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