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I’m Tezay — Lettering Artist and Type Designer living in Berlin. I believe in the impact of visual beauty. We all have a passion that drives us. Creating perfect shapes for everyone to enjoy is mine. 

I like a good challenge and working with open minded people. With more than 12 years of experience as a graphic designer and art director I can help you with your business, your brand or your next project.

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A logo is the signature of a brand. It conveys all the traits and values a business contains. Simple yet recognisable, it leaves an imprint in the subconscious. It is part of a bigger picture – your brand identity. 


This passion project started as a daily challenge and turned into a long journey. The idea is to combine illustrative story telling with the process of designing letters.

We evolved in cycles. We are born, grow up, get old and eventually die one day. Making space for a new generation. It goes on like this. Just like the seasons surrounding us. It is the natural beauty of these cycles I wanted to capture in this series of letterings.

There is a certain quality to traditional sign painting. Either a chalk board, a window painting, a mural on the wall or a good old handmade store sign. It makes a place unique, authentic and cozy.

My daughters always created their own letterings alongside daddy since they were very little. Soon their friends also joined us and we were having lettering sessions and the idea for a workshop for kids was born. We learn together how to transform our inspiration into art. Join the fun and become the next lettering super star! We organised a big goodie bag with all the materials you need to get creative in cooperation with Staedtler. 

Yes Mom and Dad, you can also join the course :)

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