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is growing into an ambitious design agency with a focus on custom letterings and brand identity. As a seasoned vet in the graphic design game and with the work experience of more then a decade in advertising agencies Tezay Kir offers solutions for small  and medium sized businesses, agencies and corporations. 


Tezay Kir received his Diploma in Communication Design at the Berliner Technische Kunstschule now part of the University of Europe for Applied Sciences. He worked for renounced Agencies like Publicis Berlin, Die Botschaft, Brains and Freaks4U before he founded Studio Tezay Kir.


If not busy with client work Tezay offers workshops for younger audiences and works on passion projects.

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Life is a Gamble Lettering

This is my very first digitised piece, when I started my journey as a lettering artist. And it's still one I like looking at. There's always a crisis, a recession, a pandemic or even worst, a war. But we only have this one life. And since everything that can happen eventually will happen one day, I didn't have to think twice and just went on. 

Because I knew, life is a gamble.

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